Acclaim for Note in a Bottle

The following a readers/friends who kindly agreed to read my manuscript before it went to press.  I shall be, to them, eternally grateful for their kind words, and the support of their friendship.

What People say about Note in a Bottle:

Note in a Bottle is both an enjoyable and an enriching read.” The Honorable Mark Parent, B.A., M.Div, Ph.D., Pereau, Nova Scotia

This is a wonderful story of a journey to understanding and balance. It is a message that needs to be spread.” – Paul R. Roy, Business and Change Management Consultant, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  

What is the path to finding peace in our own life and in our wider communities? This book is Ron’s answer to that question. It is a present-day parable, and a spiritual road map for our modern times. A tender gem.” -Kathleen Crasweller, Writer, Photographer, Philosopher, Mother, Architectural Designer. Equestrian, Teacher, Food Critic, Wife: An Everywoman, London, England“A thoughtful book from a thoughtful person. 

It takes precious little insight to realize that the Western World’s social contract has gone terribly wrong. Unfettered capitalism, rampant materialism and elements of organized religion have all been complicit in our demise. Ron MacInnis addresses our situation with uncommon clarity, compassion and wisdom. Most important of all, he gives us hope.” – Roger Brinton, Directing Mgr.(corporate), (Ret’d) Redwood City, CA

There is so much of your heart as well as your mind in this book. I particularly enjoyed the aptly chosen quotations.”  – Dr. JohnAnderson, Physician in Chief (ret’d), IWK Children’s Hospital, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I recognize your book as a gentle autobiography of a gentle person, and the accompanying quotes from all sorts of persons and sources are both versatile and comforting. I think the main thing is the personal story you tell of the life of a seeker, a term that has become increasingly popular if only because there are so many who engage in a private journey of discovery – or wish they could if they could find the time”.- Dr. Bruce Matthews, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion, Acadia University, Wolfville, N.S.

I am greatly impressed by the book’s scope and the attending calmness with which it was crafted; somewhat zen-like. Perfect, I think, for such a book.  – Robert Woodward, Technical writer, Augusta, GA

With books like this one, when one reads it, one becomes anointed.” -Hilda Peill, Massage Therapist, Wilmot, N.S.

This book could ideally be used in schools, Sunday schools, leadership groups, life-skills classes, people working with kids in foster care, etc. or for anyone of any age.”  – Rhonda MacKinnon Shaw, Community Volunteer, Judique, N.S

“I love the format of this book.  It reads like a parable and is very easy to understand.”  – Matt Whitman, City Counselor, Halifax, N.S.