Books: Note in a Bottle

 A Message of Hope and Personal Growth
in a Rapidly Changing World
A book by Ron from Balboa Press


Note Cover FrontThis is a very unusual and if I may say, a very interesting book.  I know that, because I lived through the adventures that are described between its covers.

What is, perhaps, most interesting about it is that it describes a path that leads through the brambles of a troubled world to a state that many seek but too few find these days: that of peace of mind.

It has implications not only for the individual, but for society as a whole.   Some of the great lessons of history are unfolded in this little book, as are some of the thoughts of the world’s greatest teachers, much of it learned in a lifetime of study, and enriching encounters with a host of knowledgeable, fascinating people whom I met in my careers in broadcasting, innkeeping and community development.

Who the book is for:

Note in a Bottle is for those who embark on aNote Cover BACK quest to understand themselves, the forces that shape them, and their place in the increasingly complex world of today. Through carefully chosen stories forged on the anvil of the author’s life, Note traces a path from the indelible and influential experiences of early childhood through the developmental years and across the dark and seductive thickets of illusion and persuasions that assault our senses through adult life.

The book eventually emerges in a clearing where you may find the sweet release that comes with a deepened understanding of the self, the world around you, and a much-sought-after peace of mind.

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