Life Celebrations

 special occasions

 Ahh yes! Here we have the most challenging, interesting and rewarding kind of production I have done.  And “celebration” is the word!

question-markThink about it: how often in our busy, workaday lives do we miss the opportunity to down tools, gather folks together and celebrate special friends or loved ones? Or to bring a special sense of camaraderie and cohesiveness to a business or non-profit organization?

 Power director 2These days…a very special celebration is possible in a way it was never before, thanks to modern technology and the evolution of new and far-reaching ways of expressing ourselves. And so amid all the noise and haste and the confusion of the modern world, we find, it is in the joy filled gathering of our thoughts, the seeking out of fond memories of the past and the plumbing out and pondering of the true depths of our affections that we are drawn into the circle of celebration that warms, commemorates and holds high hose human values and virtues that are worthy of the most exalted places in our memories…and our hearts.

toastingThe Fire that Warms: And so it is that a carefully crafted celebration, in a form as simple as a video can be easily distributed far and wide, or made part of a local celebratory occasion. The celebration becomes like a sort of cement that bonds people together, gives meaning and depth to their lives and celebrates what it is to be human, to be a family, and what it is to give unselfishly of ourselves. A video presented as a gift, shown at a celebratory dinner or distributed online to friends and relatives becomes a sort of a focal point: a centrepiece: the “warm fire” around which celebrants can gather: a fire that warms long after the celebratory occasion has passed.

The Possibilities

I am pleased (sometimes with colleagues) to offer personal, visually enhanced videos and/or suggested celebrations for:

* Weddings and recommitment ceremonies:  n518112493_234125_5877these are always cause for                jubilation and celebration.
* Milestone Birthdays: 45, 50, 60:              whatever: a great way to say “We’re    glad you were born! And we                    celebrate your life.”
* Special Anniversaries: personal            wedding or corporate milepost              celebration always leaves a marker    that underlines accomplishments.
* Testimonial dinners: good people deserve to be honored: it helps make the      world a better place and encourages others to follow suite.
* Retirement celebrations: after a lifetime of devoted work, a celebratory            dinner with a reminiscent video might be in order.
* Memorial services: carefully crafted, tonally appropriate, gently presented,      video offers the opportunity to say what should be said.
* Special corporate or non-profit milestones: mark the occasion of a                        successful run: give credit where credit is due. 

Is there someone (or something) you would like to celebrate? Got questions? Simply call me at (902) 300-3701 for a quick and easy conversation or fill in the form below and click Submit!