Notes and Quotes

Notes and Quotes for Boys and Girls was written in 2009 and is as applicable today as it was then, if not more so.
The time tested wisdom between its covers belongs not to me but to the world’s great teachers, and can well find its place in the world of today.  The preface of the book explains…

Notes Front Cover for Lulu


I prepared this little booklet for my children, Paul, Scott, and Matt as a Christmas gift in 1998. Since then, the hour glass has turned many times: the boys are now fine young men, with children of their own. But the time-tested wisdom between the covers of this little book has held fast since those days, as it has for centuries, and has risen in relevance and importance with each passing day, for our times are now turbulent and fraught with uncertainty, a function of the great disease of our day, the disease of self-service.

Today, our precious world teeters on a dark and precipitous edge of doubt as many grope blindly or grasp at lifelines that might have held a few years ago, but which, today, seem tied to nothing solid, nothing predictable.

If we are to ever find our way to a better world, to become what we can be, to carve out a legacy for the next generation, then there must be a total change in our values, in our thinking, in our world view and our attitudes to truth, to beauty…and, of course, to love.

Between the covers of this book, you will not find a set of marching orders. You will find, in stead, a gently unfolded set of ideas, forged not by my hand, but gleaned with care from the pages of history; from the world’s great teachers: words of wisdom that have stood the test of time that are today especially suitable for contemplation by the mature mind, expressed in a language that is simple, and easy to understand: a door opener for dialog between concerned parents and their children.

Hopefully, as water primes the pump, the words in this little book will bring forth for you, Dear Reader, an upwelling of new ideas, new directions, new passions…and above all, a new way of looking at our precious world and our place in it.

Blessings be,

Ron MacInnis

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