Images that Inspire

In my latest book, Note in a Bottle, I have included an entire chapter on lenses.
Yes, lenses.
Not only optical lenses, but verbal lenses, both of which I recommend for anyone trying to understand life and where they or a friend or child fits, for the path of the individual life is a difficult one, and some never do find their way.
It’s a long story for here, but suffice it to say that many lenses (cameras, microscopes, telescopes) changed my life  in an indelible, very positive way.
Here is an example, taken from my own collection. of little gems I found along the way that brought me an awakening sense of peace, place and understanding.
I hope you feel what I mean.  (click the image below to follow)

Yellow 13 TITLE

In Praise of Yellow:
Little miracles at out feet have so much to say to us.  A quiet, contemplative little journey…

Ernie things I learned7

Things I learned from a Poodle:  For animal lovers: a celebration of the lessons that dogs and other animals can teach us…if we only stop to listen. Based on a little dog that was as my shadow for fourteen years.