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gray days

What words would you use to capture the essence of a day like this? Oceanstone Inn, 2012 Photo by Ron.

Logo Letterhead 1Yes, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  But at other times, a word is worth a thousand pictures.  The art is in knowing the difference. These days especially.

All good video production begins with the writing. This is where I bring in my years of experience in both writing and production to find the ideal marriage between the two.

See my background in writing and production (and many other things) HERE.

Or check a recent production of mine where I combine writing, and production skills HERE .

See more about: Possibilities, Technical Matters, Working Philosophy, Cost  below…

Production Possibilities

Corporate: (promotional, anniversaries),  E.g. produced M T and T Hundredth Anniversary and projected before live audiences at celebratory dinner. also Arlington Timber Frames promotional video. I specialize in putting the “heart” into such work.
United WayNon-profit: (fund raising, commemorative.) E.g. produced Metro United Way Promotional Video , (winner Silver Award, runner up for Best in North America,) Victoria General Nurses Hundredth Anniversary projected before live audiences at celebratory dinner. Again, “heart” and emotional resonance are what count.
Personal Celebration:  E.g. produced “A Toast to Lloyd and Jean,” for L. and J, ShawRon's 70th group shot celebratory dinner, presented to their many friends and family by their children. There are many possibilities here, all of which might or might not be tied to a celebratory dinner or gathering, including:

* Special Milestone Wedding anniversaries: a long lasting gift that can be passed along to family and friends down through the generations.
* Life Celebrations, like special birthdays in which a living person’s contributions to society or to other people are being acknowledged: a way of saying “thank you:” especially appropriate if donewhale 075 while the person is living.
* Family Celebration, in which the history, unity and character of an entire family is unfolded. Very important to celebrate these days. Production can begin several generations back with old photos and can include vintage film, video, family voice overs etc. Many possibilities.

Technical Matters

Modern technology has made video Power director 1production infinitely quicker, easier and more  precise…and hence less expensive. Thus can more time be allotted to research, consultation and crafting of the final product.
All productions are high definition and made available for web use (email, social media or website) and in high definition format for crisp presentation on large screens.

Working Approach

In all cases, production of a video piece can be a delightful, fun-filled adventure.
The first task is to dream a bit: to define a good story line  (which is the backbone of a good production.) The story in many ways is determined by available visuals which provide the clay of which the video portion of the production is crafted. The story line, after back andScreen pics  for website forth consultation between myself and the client, is progressively more clearly defined and goes through as many drafts as are necessary (generally 3-5) until client satisfaction if achieved.

Then images, video etc. are captured in a video compatible format and synchronized with the story line, and again, several drafts may be presented (generaly 2 or 3) in the quest to find a point of mutual satisfaction, until the final production is finished. Then it is ready for distribution to friends and family, or for big screen presentation at a dinner, gathering etc.

Cost of Production

Asking how much a video production costs is like asking how much a house costs. Much more detail is required before a cost estimate can be made.  A five minute conversation or a quick exchange of emails gives me something to work with and once I give an estimate, prices are guaranteed.

I would be pleased to discuss with you any project you might have in mind. Call me at
(902) 300 3701 or contact me by email below.