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A Lifetime of Experience…and a Question

Logo Letterhead 1   Books, newspapers, television and video productions, speeches, web sites, celebrations: at one time or another I have written them all. And write I still do.
Go HERE for my experience, or explore the links above and choose what you wish. 

   Today, having developed a broad base of knowledge and skills that I can apply to my work, I can generally find a way to add a unique measure of human interest, appeal and even fun to a message that otherwise might be difficult to get across.  This is especially true when I work on a project that resonates with my passions, especially those aimed at social betterment or the celebration of life itself in its many forms, from the magic and mystery of the natural world to the passions of the human heart.

Therein lies my question: Do you have a project in question-markwhich I might assist that resonates with my talents and passions? One on which you think from getting to know me and my style on this site we might work well together?  Whether with words or VIDEO (see below)
If so, please EMAIL (form below) or CALL me. (902)300-3701

Some Questions for Further Thought

* Do you have a message, a body of text or a concept that you would like to have condensed and expressed in a few succinct and carefully chosen words?
* Are you running a fundraiser or a non-profit organization for which you need a clearly articulated appeal for support? On a website or a video script?
* Does your organization try to encourage a reverence for the beauty and the magic of the natural world? Or its conservation?
* Do you have a dear friend or family member having a special birthday whose life you want to celebrate?
* Is there a special anniversary coming up? Corporate or personal that you want to make memorable forever?
* A retirement party perhaps?
* Do you have a need to bridge the gap between a service organization or club and the people it serves?
* Maybe there is a book you have always wanted to write and are in need of a proof reader or ghost writer?

I can offer full writing and video production services for all these occasions.

About Video Production

Power director 2Briefly, I bring to my writing and video production, a great deal of experience and understanding from a very broad background, specializing in storytelling, and in bringing out the emotional/human side of a message.  This ability of mine is today enhanced by modern equipment and editing programs that make productions much easier and less expensive to produce, thereby leaving the emphasis on the story line, the point of greatest strength and the point where the whole creative process begins.

More on video production HERE. 

If you are curious, I can generally, and very quickly, present a few ideas as to how to handle pretty much any production challenge.  It will cost you nothing to talk, nothing to bounce around a few ideas. And generally projects I work on end up being a most enjoyable adventure for all who are involved.

(902) 300-3701 or email me: use the form below or write ron.macinnis@gmail.com